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Senior Herd Red Angus Sires & Semen

At Trinity River Land & Cattle Company, we used the best Red Angus sires we could find to build generations of Red Angus in Texas. Using top performing Red Angus sires makes a tremendous impact on a cattle herd, which we've seen proven through the years. It was the exceptional performance of these bulls and their offspring that led to us becoming registered Red Angus breeders.

Senior herd sires used to produce our Red Angus cattle in Texas include: Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P, Pie Avalanche 381, TPIE Ranger 6029, Perks Advancer 9088, Mr 4K Trinity P450, and Harb Catalyst S41 (Reg No. 1160846).

RED FINE LINE MULBERRY 26P - (Reg No. 1151261) DOB: 1-3-2004 The most talked about bull in the world. We are really glad that we made the decision to use Mulberry. He truly is siring some very special calves. This is a bull that would be very easy to write on and on about. Give us a call or come by and see his offspring. Semen is available at the ranch.

Senior Herd Red Angus Sires & Semen

PIE AVALANCHE 381 - (Reg No. 921776) DOB: 3/12/2002 What a herd bull this turned out to be! We went to Denver in 2006 to buy this bull and we were in awe. Now that we have his off spring, it's very easy to say "It was a great trip to Denver". We have used Avalanche on everything from heifers to our mature cows. In every instance he passed on his extra length, nice hip and style. The Cherokee Canyon cows bred to him really turned out well. Give us a call, or come by and see how his great bull can work for you.

Senior Herd Red Angus Sires & Semen

TPIE RANGER 6029 - (Reg No. 1135478) DOB: 2-6-2006 We purchased Ranger 6029 in the 2007 Spring Sale from Peiper Red Angus ranch near Hay Springs, Nebraska. Ranger was put out on some of our spring calving cows, and we also used him on our fall calving heifers. We are very excited about the calves. They have wonderful birth weights, averaging 74lbs, great thickness, extra depth and are on schedule to wean very heavy. After seeing his first calf crop, we decided to breed over forty cows to him in Spring of 2008. Stay tuned for more updates on how this young herd Sire is doing.

Senior Herd Red Angus Sires & Semen

PERKS ADVANCER 9088 - (Reg No. 689729) DOB: 3-18-1999 Here is a bull we used in our herd to get some extra style and performance. We now have many beautiful young cows that are becoming some of the finest in our herd. We have noticed that his progeny have really adapted well in our hot and humid environment. They are so easy moving, very fertile and just have that great mother cow look. Advancer 9088 has done quite well in producing bulls as well. His bull calves have to be some of the best footed, most athletic calves on the ranch.

MR 4K TRINITY P450 - (Reg No. 1026078) DOB: 12-18-2005 Mr. Trinity is a herd Sire that is special in many ways. His Dam is a Cherokee Canyon daughter. As a first calf heifer, she raised this calf that at 205 days weighed 874 lbs. His grand Dam is a King Rob daughter.

Mr. Trinity has sired some really excellent calves. They have that unique eye appeal that comes from Perks 9088, along with the length, structure and attractive muscle pattern. They also possess the really good carcass data that comes along with his dam. As a yearling he had an actual ribeye scan of 16.1 inches. We are really excited about adding his females to our herd.

You can learn more about these excellent senior herd sires through data stored in the Red Angus Association of America's database. Simply enter the registration number in a Red Angus data search at Red Angus.

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