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Registered Red Angus & Commercial Cattle Ranch

Trinity River Land & Cattle Company's registered Red Angus ranch in Texas began decades ago as a commercial cattle operation in a pristine river bank area known from early settlement days as Drew's Landing. Through the years, the cattle ranch developed to become a prime producer of registered Red Angus bulls for commercial cattlemen. Primarily focused on breeding and selling Red Angus cattle in Texas, the 800+ cow and calf operation offers select commercial breeding heifers and Angus show heifers for sale as well as registered Red Angus bulls.

Under the same management for about 20 years, the 8,000 acre Red Angus ranch is led by Texas native James Kolek, who was raised on a dairy farm and has a long history in the cattle industry. Having experience as a cattleman himself, Kolek knows how to meet the needs of today's commercial cattle industry, and he has a good understanding of what a cow and calf operation needs to stay competitive in today's market.

Red Angus cattle were selected for the ranch operation after trying a couple of other breeds, which had a difficult time with the Gulf Coast heat and humidity. Red cattle are more heat tolerant than black, and are not as susceptible to cancer eye and bad udders.

Plus, being able to buy registered Red Angus cattle in Texas is an advantage for many commercial cattlemen operating in tough southern climates, who had often traveled to buy from northern Red Angus ranches. The cattle born and sold in Texas are already acclimated to the hotter weather and high humidity.

Before focusing on breeding registered Red Angus, the ranch used Red Angus bulls to breed with other cattle, and some of the progeny remain. Therefore, when commercial cattlemen want to know what to expect when crossbreeding, Kolek can show them. He can show you what a 50 percent Red Angus cow looks like, or one that is 75 percent, or more or less. Buyers can see how one of the ranch's registered Red Angus bulls will affect their commercial cow herd, so there should be no surprises ahead. Also available are years of data on calves fed in feedlots that show how the cattle performed.

Angus cattle are considered a predictable and well-performing product that fits every commercial cattleman's needs. It was the excellent performance of Red Angus bulls initially purchased and how it benefited the herd that led to the ranch adding registered cows and becoming a registered Red Angus breeder.

Commercial cattlemen interested in investing in Red Angus are welcome to visit the ranch, learn about our operation, and see what we have available to fit your needs.

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